“Thank you so very much for one of the most insightful weekends I have ever had.”

Miranda McHardy, Counsellor

      The Stories We Tell


finding balance, purpose and kindness

This weekend follows on from Appreciating Who I Am with a look at work-life balance, the inner critic, creativity (whatever that means for you personally), and how to bring spontaneity and play into our lives. We consider what our stories say about our values and beliefs, and reflect on what brings purpose and meaning into our present lives and our aspirations for the years ahead.

“Transformative, healing, nurturing, mind- expanding, heart-expanding ...”

Jennie Macfie, Writer & Producer

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  JAMIE & SARAH JAUNCEY           


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“I am a giant wandering assemblage of memories. They define me. I wouldn't want to take the forgetting pill, or lose any of them.”

Neil Gaiman


On this workshop, Living Life To The Full, we create the space for you safely to explore those stories that are so familiar. What does this one really say about me? Do I need this one any longer? Is there another version of that one?

We look at the assets and attributes that have sustained you in your life to date, and what will help you  in the future. We also look at those aspects of you and your past that may be holding you back, with particular emphasis on the inner critic. An equally important part of this weekend is looking at how we can be kinder and more compassionate to ourselves.

As usual, we work from both the rational and intuitive perspectives. Writing is a feature of all our workshops, though as a means to raise awareness and get at insights rather than as an end in itself. Discussion, one-to-one and in the larger group, is another important part of the weekend, and an emerging sense of our shared stories and common humanity is often a powerful feature of The Stories We Tell.

Next Workshop: 2021 date tba

Time: 10–12, 2-4

Where: Zoom

Cost: £190.00

Limited to 12 places

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You can attend this workshop on its own, though it works best as the second in a sequence with Appreciating Who I Am.

WORKING ONLINE  Online workshops can be intense and tiring, so we pay special attention to comfort and pace. Our format of two hours on, two hours off, and two hours on—with a light task during the midday break—works very well. During each two hour session we make sure there are plenty of offscreen tasks, short breaks and private breakout conversations, along with group discussion.